Our story

I am Bart’s

Together with my mother Ada, who is a nutrition specialist, I have always tried to find the best diet for me. As a child, because I was allergic to almost everything, and later during my sports career. Because of this, I know exactly how much influence food has on my health and fitness level.

I have tried literally everything, including some pretty crazy stuff. High-fat diets, no-fat diets, lots of protein, sugar, no sugar. Everything. In the end, we came to a very simple conclusion:

There is nothing wrong with having a hearty breakfast, a normal lunch and a nice evening meal. But finding nourishing and healthy snacks is more of a challenge. There still aren’t enough of them around. Which is why we decided to share our knowledge of (and long experience with) food.

No concessions
When you want to reach the top in sports, you can’t make any concessions on the way to record performances. This is my firm conviction, which has brought me worldwide success. That same notion is the foundation of the I am Bart’s Bar. A pure nutrition bar without any added junk. Made with only natural ingredients, yet tasty at the same time. That doesn’t just help me; that’s good for everybody.

100% organic
Developing the bar was far from easy; it took us six years of hard work. We started by thinking long and hard about the right ingredients. Our aim was to create the perfect snack to give you extra energy and nourishment when you need it. The 100% organic ingredients guarantee a nutrition bar filled with vitamins, minerals, fibre and trace elements. The perfect balance between carbohydrates, fats, protein and fibre ensures a steady energy supply, while leaving you satisfied. Just like a tasty and wholesome snack should do. To top it all off, the I am Bart’s Bar contains no gluten, nuts or lactose. And I don’t even have to mention added sugars. There are none in there, of course.

Own production

Originally, I was going to outsource the production of the bars but I quickly changed my mind. It turned out that no one could carry out the production process that I had so carefully thought out. Because I didn’t want to make any concessions there, I decided to set up my own production line. This was put into use at the end of 2017, making my dream a reality.


In everything we do, we go for gold. Because everything worth doing is worth doing well. Because we believe in wholesome food, we have gone where no one has gone before. That is how we made what I believe is the best nutrition bar in the world.

The I am Bart’s Bar stands for knowledge, experience and determination. I am proud that we have managed to give this shape and substance.