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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I already buy the bars?

Bart’s Bar it still in the test phase. The bars are not for sale yet but they will be soon. Want to stay updated? Subscribe to our newsletter!

I am a crowdfunder, when will I receive my package?

We often get this question, and I understand completely. Most of you crowdfunded Bart’s Bar back in 2015. Of course I was and am very grateful for your trust in me and for your patience. We are putting together a nice, unique package, which you will receive in March/April. It’s definitely on its way!

Are the bars suitable for vegans?

Yes, our bars do not contain any animal ingredients.

Are the bars gluten-free?

Yes, all our bars are gluten-free. Definitely!

I am allergic to cow’s milk. Can I eat the bars?

Yes, you can eat our bars without any problem. Promise!

Where can I find the ingredients?

Bart’s Bar is still in the test phase. This means that they are not for sale yet. When we start producing and selling them, we will make sure that the ingredients are clearly shown on our website!

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